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” The month of Ramadan is the one in which the Qur’an was sent down as guidance for mankind, with Clear Signs containing guidance and discrimination. Any of you who are resident for the month should fast it. But any of you who are ill or on a journey should fast a number of other days. Allah desires ease for you; He does not desire difficulty for you. You should complete the number of days and proclaim Allah’s greatness for the guidance He has given you so that hopefully you will be thankful. ” (2:185)

Qari Hajj Karim Mansouri Recites Various Surahs in the Quran


To accompany the article, “The Art of Quranic Recitation”, we are providing some links to some audio files of Egyptian Quran recitors. They’re beautiful! Have a listen.

Sheikh As-Sayyid Mitwalli-He’s my all-time favorite Quran recitor.

Sheikh Muhammad Siddiq Al-Manshawi-He’s one of the most famous along with Abdul Baset Abdus Samad.

Sheikh Ash-Shahhat Mohammed Anwar-He’s also very good.

Sheikh ‘Abd Al-Basit ‘Abd As-Samad-The most famous of all Quran recitors. His voice is sublime. There’s even a video.

Islamic Art: Allah (God) in Arabic Calligraphy

Art by fahdi (Samir Malik)

Miracles of the Quran

From Harun Yahya

Truly it [the Qur’an] is revelation sent down by the Lord of all the worlds. (Qur’an, 26:192)

Fourteen centuries ago, Allah sent down the Qur’an. This book of guidance and wisdom calls man to the truth and instructs all human beings to adhere to the values which this mighty revelation contains. From the day of its revelation to the Day of Judgement, this last divine book will remain as the sole guide for humanity. The book of Allah states, “But it is nothing less than a Reminder to all the worlds.” (Qur’an, 68:52)

Ever since the Qur’an was revealed, it has possessed an easily understandable language and tone, accessible to all people and in all times. Allah tells us of this style in the Qur’an: “We have made the Qur’an easy to remember…” (Qur’an, 54:22) Read more…

Ayah and Hadith of the Day

Do not strut arrogantly about the earth.
You will certainly never split the
earth apart nor will you ever rival the mountains in height.
(Surat al-Isra’: 37)

When the heart of a believer is filled with these two feelings
of hope and fear, Almighty Allah fulfils his hope and saves
him from what he fears.
(Ibn Majah)

Islamic Quotations:Believers are like pearls…

True humility is born of witnessing His greatness and the manifestation of His Names.
Ibn `Ata’ Allah al-Iskandari

Believers are like pearls. Wherever they may be, they are beautiful there
Maliq ibn Dinar

O Allah, make my silence reflection. May I learn when I look. Make my tongue repeat Your Names. May I always remember You.
Talha ibn Musarrif

Islamic Poems for Children

Allah is One

Related to none
Allah is One!
No father, no mother
No sister, no brother
No daughter, no son
Allah is One!

more poems

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