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Qari Abdul-Basit Recites the Quran

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8 thoughts on “Qari Abdul-Basit Recites the Quran

  1. habib rahim hazim on said:

    when qari abdul basit is reciting our hearts are beating for what he read from the holy quran.
    infact he read the words of GOD for us and when there is hearing there will be the safe way ending to the GOD s paradize and happiness.
    i love qari abdul basit may GOD be pleased from him
    hazim amal from afghanistan


  2. Salaam Alaikum Mohammed,

    Thanks for visiting and may Allah bless you.

    Wa Salaam


  3. Mohammed Naseruddin on said:

    Touching voice

    This is a gift of Allah to all muslim bro’s & sis’s ,so go and click this link, and find out what we are??may Allah keep Abdul basith rest in peace…ameen


  4. verry nice tilawat,mashallah


  5. Our categories on the right has Quran, Qari and video section, and you can find a lot of Abdul Basit’s Quranic recitation there. Also check out the Quran Recitation Videos for Ramadan section at the top of our blog for more Abdul Basit.

    We will to continue to add more videos, though, so check back often.

    Thank you for visiting (:^D)


  6. Nice to find some videos of my favorite Qari, Qari Abdul Basit Abdus Samad. It will be even better if I get to hear/see his more videos.


  7. The Quran always brings peace to one’s heart. And hearing it recited my those whom Allah blessed with beautiful voices, makes it special.

    Thank you for visiting Ajmal 🙂




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