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Islamic Quotations: Whoever surrenders his heart to Allah…

Believers are those who are aware that God is watching them. Such servants restrain their desires and prepare themselves for the Hereafter. The hijr, an obligation that lasts until Doomsday, is the road that leads from ignorance to knowledge, from forgetting Allah to seeking Him, from sin to obedience, and from obduracy to repentance.

Sahl ibn Abdi’llah at-Tustari

Whoever surrenders his heart to Allah alone and concentrates on this, bright sparks of wisdom will rise from his heart and pour from his tongue.
Yahya ibn Muadh


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2 thoughts on “Islamic Quotations: Whoever surrenders his heart to Allah…

  1. I think that could only be a dream thepoetryman. But what would we do without our dreams? We have to dream in order to make it day to day through the madness of Bush.

    He is totally lost to everything and the only thing we can do now is pray it doesn’t get worse.

    Thanks for stopping by 🙂


  2. I only wish that bright sparks of wisdom could rise from GW’s “heart” and tongue… Allah! Do not forsake the US!


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