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Qari Abdul-Basit Recites The Quran: Various Video Clips

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29 thoughts on “Qari Abdul-Basit Recites The Quran: Various Video Clips

  1. assalamu alaiikum. I am very eager to see a vedeo of best qari Abdul Basit. plz send. I and my family members is the fen of him


  2. Qari abdulbasit is best qari


  3. mukhtar on said:



  4. Good work


  5. Mohamed Junaid on said:

    I am very interesting to listen Al Quran reciting by Qari Abdul Basit


  6. yusuf abdallah on said:

    how to download video Qurann?


  7. Abdulmalik on said:

    Assalamu alaikum,nahamaduhu ta’ala lazee razaqana bi khairi rasulin ursillat li nass wa razaqana bi qari Abdul Bassit Abdussamad.
    Indeed he is the greatest reciters of all time,i enjoyed all his recitation. May Allah reward him accordingly to his righteous deeds Amin and bless him with Al jannah al firdaus….


  8. Asalamualaikum
    tha bast
    qari abdul basit


  9. hikmat on said:

    Abdulbasit Abdussamad was the greatest Qari in his time and will be the greatest Qari
    with his golden voice and the Unique way (Method) of reciting the Holy Quran.



  10. Asalamualaikum, Qari basit was the best recitor of Quran i have ever seen when i heard first time his tilawat of surah Alaq i was stunned and i became his fan in his tilawat there was a strong spirit May Almighty give peace to his resting soul


  11. Javaid jameel on said:

    Asalam u aliekum
    my brothers and sisters i have been eagerly browsing and searching for these heart trembling Al- Quran recitations of these rare believers for last six years. Though i hav found few but it has not quenched my six year thirst. If you my soul mates have few more,please inform me. May Allah my Moula bestow His mercy upon us. “Aameen”
    “Suma Aameen”
    wa salaam


  12. Talha Khan on said:

    Aslam o Alikum
    I just want to request U that Plz send a Qari Abdul Basit’s Hit Video.
    I shall be very thankful


  13. Lot of videos at as well, inshallah we all benefit from sites like this one and others.


    • Maturidi on said:

      Sheikh Abdul Basit is the greatest qari ever in this century and no one after him will be able to match him and replace him since most qari try to imitate him. From the age of 14 I’ve been try to collect all the recording of him, which has reach more then 14gb and still not complete. Indeed the best recording he has which is everybody talks about and is everybody’s favorite one is Sura Yusuf and sura Mayam. For no one can recite these two sura better then him. The next greatest qari who is my favorite one is Sheikh Mustafa Ismail. Just here sura Tahreem and Haqqah by him and u will be blown away. My third favorite Qari is Sheikh Minshawi. To me he has the most sweetest voice ever. Just listen to Sura Fatiha and Hasgr. To me only these three are the best Qari ever in this century with an amazing voice and tune, which modern qari always try to imitate.


      • Ahmed Saleem on said:

        assalaam o alikum my brother

        i am also an immitator of qari abdulbasit and i was trying since ten years to copy him…..if you please can give me your collection so i might be able to facilitate myself and i request you please contace me… cell phone number is 0092-3025600009 and you can listen to me on you tube………….the title is surah e rehman like qari abdul basit by ahmed…..i am not good as him obviously but i love this qari


    • Maturidi on said:

      The best video I’ve seen is when he perform in Los Angeles, America 1973. He read Sura Qadr so beautify that anybody who listens to it will cry and am not joking.


  14. Obedullah on said:

    As salaam,

    I was just wondering why arent there any free downloads for which i could have saved in my PC.

    Please brthers mail it to me (Qari Abdul Basit’s last & some of his videos just before he passed away)

    My e-mail is

    Please i am in need of that videos as i am i very mad person about his videos.

    May allah grant u the jannatul firdaous.


    As salaam


  15. Salaam Alaikum Oumar,

    I’m not sure if there are DVDs available but there are CDs available to buy and you can check out this one place to buy a 35 CD set for Abdul Basit.

    Al Quran Ul Raheem

    Wa Salaam


  16. please where could i buy DVD of abdul bassit


  17. He is indeed one of the Qurra of this modern era that has proven to be vocal and in full control.
    His greatest achievement with the absence of Technology of our time in sound system, its another tick for him.
    There are a lot of them similar to Qari Abdul basset hidden in the Muslim lands.
    Rahimahu ALLAH.



  18. salam i was wondering if you got abdul basit best vioce becayuse i have heard many of his talivat and i very like it me and my cousin are doing talivat practiais my cousin gone to pakistan to do talivat and inshaallah become a talivat peson hes vioce is so nice i can here it again he copy abdul basit first when he heard of abdul badit he came to me and said go and here this so i did so me and my cousin leard to do talivat inshaallah he gone good doing talivat hope he ok and inshaallah im gonna teach of him when he come back home inshaallah


  19. inshalah pray we all receive jannah and inshallah we will be able to hear the best 3 reciters ever.

    Hadrath dawud (a.s) – trees/oceancs/birds and the winds used to stop upon hearing his voice. subhanallah!

    Prophet (saw) – the seal of all prophets , to hear his voice ..subhanallah hw betta cn it get!!!

    Then allah (swt) will recite – allah huakbar!!!!!!
    inshallah pray we are amongst the


  20. Salaam Alaikum Al Islamu Deeni,

    Thank you for your comments.


  21. AL Islamu Deeni on said:

    My dear respected brothers and elders in ISLAM It is very important to get the recitation of the quran correct as this could change the meaning of words so easily.. may Allah(swt) give us the ability to recite the beautiful words of quran & hadith with the correct tajweed.


  22. Assalam Alaikum Zayd,

    Sheikh Abdul Basit is my top favorite Quran reciter followed by Sheikh Hindawi. Yes, it would be amazing if we could hear our Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) recite the Quran.

    Thank you for listening.


  23. AsslamuAlaikum
    Subhanallah …
    Allah ta Ala has blessed us with the oportunity to listen the great Qari’s of our time. Sheikh Abdul ABsit was 1 of them. How amazing would it have been to hear our noble leader Nabi Rasool S.A.W recite the Holy Quran. InshaAllah we will take away from this recitations as inspiration to recite correctly and with passion.


  24. Salaam, Abdullah, thanks for visiting again.

    The Youtube site is probably too busy, which is why you’re getting bad quality. The problem with WordPress is that we can’t upload videos directly, so we rely on Youtube for bandwidth. Hence the low buffering, especially in Ramadan, with these video clips in high demand.
    There is no solution for Youtube, but if one of the videos we’re linking comes from GoogleVideo, you’ll probably want to download it to your hard drive and play it through the GoogleVideoPlayer. That way you can listen to it at normal speed.


  25. Its been great to hear Qari Abdul Basit recite the Holy Quran in his original voice, but had the buffering rate been quick, it would have been great fun…


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