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Shaykh Tablawi Recites Surah Qamar with Bio

Shaykh Tablawi Recites Surah Anbiyaa

Qari Abdul Basit Recites Surah Balad

The Cure for the Blue Screen of Death: Ubuntu

The Amazing BSOD! Please hit the reset button.

It’s 2:40PM and you’re happily clicking away on Nancy Drew: Curse of Blackmoor Manor. Suddenly, the mouse freezes for five seconds and you’re greeted with the infamous stop error. Welcome to the Blue Screen of Death, courtesy Windows XP.

Annoyed, you reboot and log into XP again. But this time you decide to surf the net. An hour later, the mouse freezes again and the dreaded screen reappears. Apparently, something is wrong with the ati2dvag.dll file. ‘Easy fix’, you think. Just download the latest Ati drivers and voila! you’re up and running. For half a day at least, and then the blue screen makes a surprise attack. But this time there’s an error in the win32.dll file.

By now, you’re thinking it’s a virus or worm. Not so; after running the system through multiple virus and trojan scanners everything checks out. You do a system hack and replace the win32.dll file. But this time you’re getting an error regarding the svchost.exe and invalid referencing of the memory. You also may notice you’re sound has just went out. Time to restart Windows Audio. An hour later, you’re once again greeted with the BSOD.

Two unsuccessful days later, you do a complete repair and hope to God it solves the problem. Log into XP, do an ‘sfc /scannow’ to check the system and the Blue Screen is back in business. Five days later, you’re ready to throw the tower, complete with the monitor, out the third story window. Read more…

Qari Abdul-Basit Recites Surah Araaf

Qari Abdul Basit Recites Surah Infitar

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