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Health Benefits of Dates

With the advent of Ramadan, date sales all over the world increase, as Muslims traditionally break their fast with dates and water. This is a tradition that goes back to the Prophet (saw). Many hadiths report that the Prophet encouraged us to eat dates for a variety of reasons.

In the Qur’an when the mother of Prophet Jesus(as) was giving birth to him and she was experiencing pain, she was told to: ” Shake the trunk of the palm towards you and fresh, ripe dates will drop down onto you.”

Scientific studies have shown that eating dates are beneficial for pregnant women and nursing mothers. Dates contain certain stimulants which assist in the strengthening of the muscles of the womb which can lead to an easier delivery. The sugar content of dates is about 80% making it an ideal high energy food for nursing mothers. “Dates contain seven vitamins and eleven minerals whose importance as a dietary supplement was appreciated by the desert people who, for thousands of years, ate dates with goat or camel milk as a complete sustenance.”

Dates are reported to be useful in the treatment of respiratory disorders, heart conditions, cancer (due to its high magnesium and calcium content), anemia, allergies, and constipation. Bedouin Arabs, who eat them on a regular basis, show an extremely low incidence rate of cancer and heart disease.

In addition to being mentioned in numerous verses throughout the Qur’an there are many hadiths from the Prophet about dates.

From the Qur’an:

And in the earth are tracts (diverse though) neighboring, and gardens of vines and fields sown with corn, and palm trees – growing out of single roots or otherwise: watered with the same water, yet some of them We make more excellent than others to eat. Behold, verily in these things there are signs for those who understand! (Qur’an, 13:4)

From the Hadith:

Aisha (may Allah be pleased with her) said: the prophet (PBUH) said: “Indeed in dates there is a cure”. Reported by Muslim (14/3) and Ahmad (6/152)

The Prophet (PBUH) said: “ Whoever finds dates should break his fast with them and the one who does not should break his fast with water because it is pure”

It was reported by Abu Naaim, Abu Daoud, Al Hakem, Al Imam Al Tirmithi and mentioned in The book of Al Imam Al Thahabi The Prophetic Medicine” that the Prophet (PBUH) said: “ The one who eats 7 dates in the morning will be protected that day from poison and envy”

The Prophet (PBUH) said: “Break your fast by eating dates as it is purifying.” (Narrated by Ahmad)

Finally, dates are considered a fruit, so it’s an easy way to get your 5 servings of fruit a day. Have a healthy and happy Ramadan!

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8 thoughts on “Health Benefits of Dates

  1. Assalaamualaikum,

    Please visit the link below for important Islamic lectures in English and Urdu..

    May Allah Grant Us Jannah..


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  4. Al-Barni dates are said to be one of the best and considered a favourite of The Prophet (pbuh).


  5. Saalamulaikum,

    Thank you, this information is very beneficial in helping muslims and non-muslims. I will continue to eat dates all year long.


  6. Salaam Saad,

    Yes, there is a lot in dates I didn’t know about either. Thanks for visiting our blog 🙂


  7. Saad Khan on said:

    wow this is really cool. i didnt think dates were that important. thx





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