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Mishary Rashid Al-Efasi Recites Surah Qamar During Tahajjud

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14 thoughts on “Mishary Rashid Al-Efasi Recites Surah Qamar During Tahajjud

  1. I have been searching for sites related to this. Glad I found you. Thanks


  2. Rohani on said:

    assalamualaikum…Subhanallah..Alhamdulillah…….for the beautiful voice he has, and made us listen with great understanding of the surah,all Praises to Allah for the many beautiful things He created for us….May Allah’s blessings be on us always,amiin.


  3. Naeem Jamal on said:

    Mashallah. Sheikh Mishary Al Afasy has an amazing voice and a beautiful mind . Love his quran recitation and Islamic nasheeds.

    May Allah grant him A3la Janat “Al firdous”- Ameen ya Rabil 3alameen.


  4. MashAllah what a nice clip it is .
    I pray Allah to9 Bless all those people who took part in making such a nice clip.
    MashAllah Excellent keep it up.


  5. Asrar on said:

    I didn’t know about Mishary, and I came to know him by chance through YouTube when I was searching for Quran recitation.
    I am from India, hence I donot understand Arabic, even then when I heard his recitations, it ripped my soul, and made me weep everytime I head him.
    Truely I rate him as the best reciter of Quran I ever heard in my life, Mashallah, all credit to Allah, who gifted him this voice.


  6. Salaam Mohammad,

    Alhumdulilah, you found benefit from the recitation. Thanks for visiting our blog and listening to the Quran.


  7. Mohammad Ajmeer on said:

    oh allah save us from all bad deeds and it was perfectly made it was amazing excellent i cant say more about it i am very happy the way it was illistrated


  8. Mohammad Ajmeer on said:

    oh i cant say how great it was it always reminding you the wrong deed that we have done oh Allah the greatest save us in that day where it will be hard for us to reply for you. this was great to listen to that recitation.

    thank you very much,


  9. Salaam Talha,

    Alhumdulilah, I’m glad you liked it. Thanks for listening.


  10. Talha Siddiqi on said:

    The video really matched with the surah. Result is quit amazing. I especially loved the part where USA and Israel were shown. India should have been included as well. It was excellent anyway


  11. Salaam Alaikum Hazza,

    Amen to your prayer!


  12. May Allah Azwajall send his blessing to the Prophet SAWS and sheikhs like mishary and all muslims ameen!


  13. Salaam Alakium Suhana,

    Jazzakum Allahkhair for the positive comments and amen to your prayer for Sheikh Mishary.

    We will continue to post recitations from him, and other reciters.

    Wa Alakium Salam


  14. SUHANA on said:

    maasha allah, i love this video. amazing how its matched together, the video and the reciation of the surah.
    i love Mishary and the way he reads the quran, he makes me cry all the time.

    may allah reward him great rewards, insha allah!


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