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Qari Abul Basit’s Best Quranic Recitation

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8 thoughts on “Qari Abul Basit’s Best Quranic Recitation

  1. Salaam Najeebullah,

    May Allah bless him with jannatul firdaus!


  2. Najeebullah on said:

    Mashallah What a recitation


  3. Naeem Jamal on said:

    Allah u Akbar !!

    Masha’allah to Al Qari Abdul Basit.

    The recitation smoothens the heart and shivers the spin.


  4. Moien on said:

    Nice Blog Here That is really a beautiful n useful religious entertainment


  5. Salaam ak,

    May Allah grant you the same! Thanks for visiting our blog.


  6. may allah bless with him with jannatul fildahus….. this is beyond beautiful mashallah


  7. Salaam Ummati,

    Abdul Basit is my favorite Quran reciter. Thanks for visiting our blog 🙂


  8. Takbir!!!!!!!!
    Masha’Allah, Beautiful!


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