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Shaykh Rashid al-Afasi Surah Tahreem

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7 thoughts on “Shaykh Rashid al-Afasi Surah Tahreem

  1. very nice presentation and this effort


  2. Salaam Alaijum Muhammeduz,

    I’m sorry brother but I can’t understand your comment, but thanks for visiting.


  3. assalamu aleykum. /russia/ Ya ochen hachu sRASHİD AL AFASİm pogovorit. prashu vas saydinite menya pojoluysta. Ya doljın yımu poprasit vapros./engelsh/ İ wanne speak. it is too important. please send me a messega /turkish/ ben RASHİT AL AFASİYI çok seveyom lutfen bana messac gondorsın. o nerde otryor


  4. Salaam Adeel,

    I have searched and did not find anything about this. I think the brother is mistaken. Sheikh Al Efasi is still alive. Thanks for listening.


  5. Salam, really good, a brother told me he has died is this true ? becos i just discovered him and hes proberly my favourite


  6. Salaam Alakium Haashimi,

    Jazzakum Allahkhair for your comments. We are glad you are enjoying the recitations.

    Wa Salaam


  7. Haashimi Khaan on said:

    Shaikh Rashid al-Afasi is just spectacular


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