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Shaykh Rashid al-Afasi Surah Tahreem


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7 thoughts on “Shaykh Rashid al-Afasi Surah Tahreem

  1. very nice presentation and this effort


  2. mshahin on said:

    Salaam Alaijum Muhammeduz,

    I’m sorry brother but I can’t understand your comment, but thanks for visiting.


  3. assalamu aleykum. /russia/ Ya ochen hachu sRASHİD AL AFASİm pogovorit. prashu vas saydinite menya pojoluysta. Ya doljın yımu poprasit vapros./engelsh/ İ wanne speak. it is too important. please send me a messega /turkish/ ben RASHİT AL AFASİYI çok seveyom lutfen bana messac gondorsın. o nerde otryor


  4. Salaam Adeel,

    I have searched and did not find anything about this. I think the brother is mistaken. Sheikh Al Efasi is still alive. Thanks for listening.


  5. Salam, really good, a brother told me he has died is this true ? becos i just discovered him and hes proberly my favourite


  6. mshahin on said:

    Salaam Alakium Haashimi,

    Jazzakum Allahkhair for your comments. We are glad you are enjoying the recitations.

    Wa Salaam


  7. Haashimi Khaan on said:

    Shaikh Rashid al-Afasi is just spectacular


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