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Saad Al-Ghamdi Recites Ayat Al-Kursi


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37 thoughts on “Saad Al-Ghamdi Recites Ayat Al-Kursi

  1. Sharifah Aun on said:

    the only one I
    listen to every morning


  2. You could definitely see your expertise within the paintings you write. The arena hopes for even more passionate writers such as you who are not afraid to say how they believe. Always follow your heart.


  3. shasha on said:

    i really love his voice..nice to hear.this make me so better in life.ALHAMDULILLAH.
    ALLAH had created this person in earth..there so many benefits.


  4. wan amiera on said:

    Allahuakbar….i just sad because I’ve done a lot of sin ..i wanna cry after listen to AL-QURAN recite by Saad AL-GHAMDI ..
    From : Malaysia
    my friends, please pray that i will be the true muslim not only by name only..Amin..


  5. Firoz tai on said:

    Really sorry! for them who are busy with hearing songs but never knew the ever beautiful sound I have ever heard.may ALLAH make them hearing this with heart.


  6. muslimfromjapan on said:

    Jazakollah khair! I was looking for Said al-Ghamdi’s recitation of the Ayat al-Kursi for some time now, I am very glad to find it at last!

    If someone has Ghamdi’s recitation of the Subhanaka, At-Tahiyyatu, AllahummaSalli and AllahummaBarik, please post the mp3 so we can download. May Allah render our hearts full of iman inshallah until our final breath on this temporary dunya…


  7. eliffaris on said:

    Here is site where you can download HQ recitation
    from Saad bin Said Al Ghamdy.


  8. Ummah on said:

    Best Quran recitation site


  9. ashwaque on said:

    May Alah bless him with he has the best voice


  10. akram khan on said:

    i thanks to allah for giving me ears to listen that type of beautiful voice


  11. Mashallah…..


  12. umm abdullah on said:

    assalamu alaikum,masha allah its so beautiful.may allah grant us all the hearts that yearn to listen to the quran and to recite it.ameen


  13. M.shams iqbal on said:

    Ma’asha Allah

    I will remain thaxful to Allah (SWT) forever that he has created to sir saad al ghamdi n he is doing khidmah for ummet-e-muhammadiah.

    he is my beloved recieter.



  14. ashwaque on said:

    what a great voice


  15. khadijatou on said:

    i love saad al ghamdi so much ,he made me love the quran i have to listen to his laitul qadr dua everyday and mashallah i know how to recite the whole dua now


  16. Ala al din on said:

    Masha’Allah, beautiful.


  17. truly a beautiful recitation and one of my fauvorite and first qaris whos tiliwat i loved and since then i have heard many beautiful quran surahs.

    check out surah yasin may allah keep our shaikh sa’d smiling and give him jannah firdous, it is my goal to recite the quran like him


  18. chicken noodle on said:

    salam Mashallah his voicwe is excellent. thanks for posting


  19. MD. ASHRAFUL KARIM KHAN on said:

    Really sorry! for them who are busy with hearing songs but never knew the ever beautiful sound I have ever heard.may ALLAH make them hearing this with heart.


  20. Wa Alaikum Salaam Wa Rahmatuallah Mariyah,

    Thanks for the link! I’m adding the site to my Quranic blogroll. May Allah bless you and grant you a beautiful Ramadan.

    Wa Salaam


  21. Asalaamu alaikum & Ramadan Kareem:
    One place I downloaded the entire Quran by Sh Al-ghamdhi was from

    It has versions by many other reciters as well


  22. muhammad zannah wuroma on said:

    i want to about saad ghamdi


  23. Abdullah on said:

    recitation of saad al-ghamdi in good quality is on or anyone can have it from me thru
    contact me:


  24. How do u get as MP3??


  25. Subhanallah! After Sheikh Abdur Rahman Sudais my most favorite qari is Sheikh al Ghamdi. Whenever I listen to his recitation I can’t control my tears. Mashaallah! May Allah swt bless upon him. AMIN!


  26. Subhan Allah! After Sheikh Abdur Rahamn Sudais my most favorite Qari is Sheikh Ghamdi. Mashallah! May Allah SWT bless him. Amin!!! Whenever I hear his recitation I can’t control my tears.


  27. Kamran Paracha on said:

    Here it is – scroll down and there you will find links.


  28. Just wondered whether you had any luck in finding a website. If so perhaps you would be kind enough to print out a message. I am alas experiencing the same struggle trying to aquire the Shiekh Ibrahim Fareed’s recitation of ayatul kursi. Peace be with you brother.


  29. does any one know a website to download recitation by shiekh saad-al-ghamdi. In good quality. because I know a few sites which all have same recitaions of the sheikh but bad quality. quran.mangga alhumdulillah, is a good site, but their is too much air covering the sound. so please let me know


  30. Nadia on said:

    Salam aleikoum
    Thank you for this recitation, y agree with realest Saad Al Ghamdy is really one of the best reciters .

    If someone want to share his recitation of Kuran Al Karim :

    Allah ou akbar.


  31. mshahin on said:

    Salaam Alaikum Amatullah,

    Thanks for listening!


  32. Amatullah on said:

    I have always been a great fan of shiekh al Ghamadhi, lovely


  33. mshahin on said:

    Salaam Salma,

    Thanks for listening 🙂


  34. mashallah


  35. mshahin on said:

    Salaam realest,

    Thanks for listening and I’m glad you enjoyed the recitation.


  36. realest on said:

    Subhaan allah beautiful recitation from one of the best reciters and a very nice video. Thanx for this


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