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Shaykh Hajjaj Hindawi Recites Surah Alaq

Qari Tablawi Recites Surah Hijr

Islamic Art: The One God in Arabic Calligraphy

Art by fahdi (Samir Malik)

The 99 Names of Allah: Al- Adheem (The All-Glorious)


Everything in the heavens and everything in Earth belongs to Him. He is the Most High, the All-Glorious. (Surat ash-Shura, 42:4)

Allah’s might and grandeur is surely beyond humanity’s grasp. Yet, within the limits of their wisdom, people can still see and grasp His might. Indeed, the entire universe abounds with countless examples that indicate His greatness. A closer look at our own planet will make people feel His sublimity.

The heavens carrying clouds that weigh many tons, mountains rising thousands of meters in the air, oceans harboring millions of living beings, a lightening flash and the noise of thunder following it, and billions of living beings that have submitted to Allah—all of these and countless other details are clear signs of Allah’s existence. Read more…

Contentions by Abdal Hakim Murad: The liberal theory of religion is homeopathic…

The ‘universal’ religion is not merely the religion that claims to be for all; it is the religion that claims that God has always been for all. There can be no Muslim ‘scandal of particularity’.

The liberal theory of religion is homeopathic. (The more you water it down, the stronger it will become.)

In the measure that we accept the Prayer it is accepted by God.

God’s ada shows that we are made in His image. He functions according to sunan and is not diminished by them. ‘Acquire the character traits of God!’

Islam with Chinese Characteristics: Muslim Women Leaders and Imams

By Pallavi Aiyar

YINCHUAN, China – The muezzin sounds the evening call to prayer. White skullcaps glint in the fading brightness of the setting sun as the faithful make their way into the mosque. The shush of whispered “salam alaikums” fills the hall. Outside, the mosque’s minarets stretch up into the sky; a single crescent moon decorates the top of the green dome.

An unremarkable scene were it not for the fact that this mosque is tucked away in the landlocked interior of officially atheist and traditionally Buddhist China. When the imam preaches, he speaks Mandarin. Under the skullcaps and behind the veils of the men and women gathered, there are Chinese faces concentrated in prayer.

Reliable data are difficult to obtain, but China’s estimated 20 million to 30 million Muslims may in fact be the second-largest religious community in the country, after the 100 million or so Buddhists. Islam in China is moreover in the process of a strong revival, spurred on by increasing trade links with the Middle East that have ended the centuries-long isolation of Chinese Muslims from the wider Islamic world.

Orthodoxy among Chinese Muslims is on the rise as ever larger numbers go on hajj and youngsters return from their studies abroad in Muslim countries. Nonetheless, Chinese Islam retains characteristics that set it apart. The communist revolution with its emphasis on gender equality has left its mark here. Mao Zedong famously said that “women hold up half the sky”, a lesson China’s Muslims seem to have imbibed well. Female imams such as Nu Ahong and exclusively female mosques such as Nu Si play a unique role in the Middle Kingdom.

Read more…

SOULS by Rumi

Your true home is the seventh stage of spiritual growth, Illiyyun,
Reached through purification and peacefulness.
There, you are still in your body,
And yet a living Master of the Essence.

Mountains of Makkah by Zain Bhikha

The Muslim Way of Speaking: Speaking in the Knowledge…


Another characteristic of the manner of speaking employed by the faithful is that, when speaking of something they are to do, they say, “insha’Allah,” that is, “If Allah wills.” When they take the decision to perform a particular task, they adopt all measures which are necessary. But, they do not forget that it can only be accomplished through Allah’s will. No matter how much we want to accomplish something, or to what extent we have done everything necessary, it will not be accomplished if Allah does not will it. Allah reminds the faithful of this matter in the Qur’an:

Never say about anything, “I am doing that tomorrow, without adding ‘If Allah wills’.” Remember your Lord when you forget, and say, “Hopefully my Lord will guide me to something closer to right guidance than this.” (Surat al-Kahf: 23-24)

In order that the importance of this reminder be grasped, Allah prepares a large number of examples in a person’s in daily life. For example, one might regard it as a sure thing that a holiday, which had been planned in advance, and for which reservations and payments have been made, will take place. It would appear as if there could be no reason whatsoever for the holiday to be cancelled. The family, in plans for a holiday, could go to bed early the night before a flight early the next morning, leave home taking traffic conditions into account, and check over and over if they have their tickets with them, but they will not make the flight if Allah has not willed it. The fulfillment of the plan may be prevented by a sudden illness, a traffic accident, a flight delay for whatever reason, or the emergence of some duty which would take priority over the holiday. Read more…

Ayah and Hadith of the Day

Practise forgiveness, command what is right, and turn away from the ignorant.
(Surat al-A‘raf: 199)

Believers are to one another like a building whose parts support one other.
(Bukhari, Muslim)

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