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Shaykh Hajjaj Hindawi Recites Surah Alaq

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7 thoughts on “Shaykh Hajjaj Hindawi Recites Surah Alaq

  1. Mohammed on said:

    Mashallah! This Shaykh has a brilliant voice and has also won the qirat competition and is known as the best qari in the world! I have been honoured by Allah SWT to see him live in the local masjid’s in Batley, Dewsbury and also Bradford. I have recordings of the shaykh which I recorded myself so if anybody wants them email me at and i shall send u it, all i ask is that you make dua for me and the ummah!


  2. Wa Alaikum Salaam Zaheer,

    He is one of my favorite Quran reciters. Unfortunately, I don’t know of any places to find his CDs but I’ve found several of his videos at Thanks for visiting our blog.

    Wa Salaam


  3. Zaheer on said:

    Assalam u alaikum,

    I have been listening to Sheikh Hindawi, a recitation i downloaded from the web on to my mobile and mashallah Allah has indeed blessed him and he touches the heart with his uplifting recitation. My question is can i get hold of his cd’s from anywhere, i have tried many islamic bookshops but have failed to locate any. Any help will be greatly appreciated.



  4. Salaam Imran,

    I’m not sure what you mean by dangerous but thanks for your comment.


  5. imran on said:

    al ham dulilah,dangerous


  6. Shaykh Hindawi has been blessed with a beauitful voice from Allah, and it is uplifting to hear him recite the Quran.

    Jazzakum Allahkhair for your comments and for visiting 🙂

    Wa Salaam


  7. Ikram Hanif on said:

    This brother pray’s beautifull………. Mashallah………

    May Allah give more and more brother’s the ability to pray in this way…..



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