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Shaykh Hajjaj Hindawi Recites the Quran

Settling in Realms Lower than Sky: Last 10 Days of Ramadan by M. Shahin

Art (Allah, God in Arabic Calligraphy) by fahdi

This month is more than

the battles carving into

slackened vessels,

more than barren articulators

resisting behind restraining gates

It is not enough to

stretch blankets towards bereft


the pillars established

many grains ago

curtains fell from the heavens

and from it we emerge

and restrain

all year long – on guard –

and with gifts

we languish in the curtains

without unveiling

what is behind

towards Mercy

we hesitate

closing doors with food, words charities

settling in realms lower than sky

taking journeys to the known

instead of Unknown.

Atoms anchor to the source

why satisfy the temporary

when Eternity is on Throne

every prayer receiving entrance

hands reach into the sky

where words are impotent

so do not falter to the base

for gravity is exempt

Mercy is waiting only for one

plea, one hand meeting another

for there is more than

battles with the outer garment

we wear,

this is the curtain

we pray to unveil.

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