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Ramadan’s End

O Ramadan, O Ramadan

My heart pains to see you go;

through struggle and sacrifice

my spirit began to grow.

Even though this nafs of mine

causes me much grief;

It’s the spark I need

in order to break free.

I starved it, restrained it,

and chastened it

to the best of

my ability.

I ask the Merciful One

to subdue

this agitator

in me.

Like rays of the sun

bearing gifts of growth

to plants and creatures


Sparks of agitation from

the nafs is like food

to the spirit

if used right.

Just as too much sunlight

can burn and bring death

to once verdant


A nafs given free rein

will deaden the spirit

of anyone who gives it


So Ramadan is a gift

to the seekers aspiring

to swim into the depths of

Your Infinite Mercy.

We seek Pearls of Truth

and Gems of Light

from the Realm

of Your Generosity.

As we reach the end of Ramadan

I beseech Thee to grant my spirit

wings to continue my


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6 thoughts on “Ramadan’s End

  1. shaharazed on said:

    Eid Mubarak to you also, Sheryza. Thanks for the nice words. Elhamdulillah.


  2. that is a very beautiful poem mashallah. Eid mubarak!


  3. shaharazed on said:

    Walaikum salaam Muslim Apple:

    Insha’Allah, may we all carry this spark with us throughout the rest of the year, and not let it die out with the end of Ramadan.


  4. Asalamu alaykum,

    Ramadan is indeed a gift, and it is that spark that helps propel me forward throughout the year.


  5. shaharazed on said:

    As always, Irving, thank you for your kind words. May Allah bless you and grant you good, in both the worldly life and the hereafter.


  6. Alhamdulillah! A beautiful poem, almost like a prayer, to which I add…Amin.

    Ya Haqq!


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