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Ubuntu: 4 days with Edgy Eft

Those who have been keeping up with the latest tech news would inevitably have heard that Canonical has just released version 6.10 of Ubuntu, codenamed Edgy Eft. Being a Ubuntu lover, I’ve recently installed Edgy and decided it was time to share my experience with it.

But first things first: if you’re a current Dapper Drake user, (the previous version of Ubuntu), DO NOT UPGRADE!!! Edgy is NOT a stable release, (which is why it’s called Edgy!), therefore, Canonical advises everyone to back up their data and do clean install. Too many people have failed to heed this advice, much to their own peril. Don’t be one of them.
Take it from Mark Shutteworth, founder of Ubuntu:

Edgy is all about cutting edge, perhaps bleeding edge, brand new code and infrastructure. It will be the right time to bring in some seriously interesting but definitely edgy new technologies which lay the groundwork for the next wave of Ubuntu development…

…We will for the first time possibly have to say to new users “Edgy gets
security updates etc for 18 months but seriously consider Dapper if you
need the most polished platform”.

For those who just can’t listen to advice and still want to upgrade, read this article. Those who want to try out Edgy and don’t like troubleshooting, (or have tweaked their system to the max), do what I did: burn the ISO, back up your data and do a clean install. Everyone else, just wait for the next stable release, codenamed… *ahem* …Feisty Fawn. You can stop laughing now.

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Islam Converts Stay Their Paths Despite Hardship

By Sara Taylor

Thirty-five years ago, at age 12, Reymund Nur converted to Islam while still living in his parents’ Methodist household.

Five years ago, Boni Bee was a young Hindu woman seeking clarity and purpose in her life.

Last spring, Leilani Downing was reading the Christian Bible and looking for meaning in Christianity, her birth religion.

Today, all three are Muslims and live their lives according to the laws of Islam. Read more…

Quotations: All virtue is summed up in dealing justly…

He who demands mercy and shows none burns the bridges over which he himself must later pass. – Thomas Adams


You shall learn, though late, the lesson of how to be discreet. – Aeschylus

History, despite its wrenching pain, cannot be unlived, however, if faced with courage, need not be lived again. – Maya Angelou

All virtue is summed up in dealing justly. – Aristotle

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