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Quranic Verses for Reflections: Recite to them the story of Ibrahim (Abraham)…

Recite to them the story of Ibrahim when he said to his father and his people, ‘What do you worship?’ They said, ‘We worship idols and will continue to cling to them.’ He said, ‘Do they hear you when you call or do they help you or do you harm?’ They said, ‘No, but this is what we found our fathers doing.’ He said, ‘Have you really thought about what you worship, you and your fathers who came before? They are all my enemies except for the Lord of all the worlds: He who created me and guides me; He who gives me food and gives me drink; and when I am ill, it is He who heals me; He who will cause my death, then give me life; He who I sincerely hope will forgive my mistakes on the Day of Reckoning. My Lord, give me right judgement and unite me with the righteous; and make me highly esteemed among the later peoples; and make me one of the inheritors of the Garden of Delight; and forgive my father he was one of the misguided; and do not disgrace me on the Day they are raised up, the Day when neither wealth nor sons will be of any use except to those who come to Allah with sound and flawless hearts.’

(Quran 26: 69-89)


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