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Selections from the Quran: bringing advance news of His mercy…

It is He who sends out the winds,

bringing advance news of His mercy.

And We send down from heaven pure water

so that by it We can bring a dead land to life

and give drink to many of the animals and people We created.

We have variegated it for them so they might pay heed
but most people spurn anything else but kufr.

– (Quran 25: 48-50)

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2 thoughts on “Selections from the Quran: bringing advance news of His mercy…

  1. Hi Daijinryuu,

    Before touching the Quran, we make wudu (a ritual washing of hands, face, arms up to the elbows, wipe the head, and the feet to the anklebones).

    The wudu is performed by Muslims in order to perform the five obligatory prayers a day. Whenever we lose wudu, we have to make it wudu again in order to pray and touch the Quran.

    In Islam, purification and cleanliness is very important and by making wudu before touching the Quran, it is showing our respect for the words of God.

    Wudu is the outward form of purification, and we also believe in purifying the inner dimension of the heart, which is erasing bad character traits, and instilling within us the good, so that we can be at peace with ourselves and with all of God’s creation, and this purification and struggle to do good will bring us closer to God.

    Thanks for your question, and I’m glad you have an interest in reading the Quran. I hope this answered some of your question, but my knowledge is very limited so if you want more you can check out our Islam and Muslims blogroll and there is a link to Sunnipath, where you can find more information.

    Thanks for stopping by 🙂



  2. Someday I will go to the library and borrow an English edition of the Quran. I know I need to do something ritual before touching it, but what was it again?


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