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Ubuntu Muslim Edition: Testers welcome!

Our dear readers can rest easy, as rumors of our death have been greatly exaggerated. Smily In fact, Age of Jahiliyah is still alive and kicking, and now that we’ve got spring break – one lousy week glare – it’s time to annouce the biggest news in Ubuntu-land. That’s right, people, I’m talking about Ubuntu Muslim Edition, the one we’ve all been waiting for.

But not so fast; it’s still in alpha release and needs testers and developers to get it on it’s feet. So head over to the site, register and sign up to become a tester. It’s not hard at all; download the .iso and make sure you at least have an extra 10GBs on your hard drive to do a dual-boot. Otherwise, you can help with the artwork, translations, web design or development. Ideas are welcome, also. For more info, check out the forums.

Oh, and while you’re at it, make sure to vote on the logo and splash screen, (you’ll vote for no. 4, if you know what’s good for you). Smily

So get to it, everyone!

Surah Ghashiyah (4 Qaris Imitate Qari Basit)

Video uploaded by AashiqERasul

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