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Surah Ghashiyah (4 Qaris Imitate Qari Basit)

Video uploaded by AashiqERasul

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3 thoughts on “Surah Ghashiyah (4 Qaris Imitate Qari Basit)

  1. shabaab on said:

    as-salaam’alikum wr wb ….subhan’Allah these 4 qaris are very very good! could u tell me the names of all the qaris …..especially the brother who starts the surah by saying bismillahi-rahmanur-rahim…his voice touched our hearts ….jazakhala-khairun


  2. Thanks for the positive feedback 🙂


  3. Mashallah a very good blog, Please take a look at Haq Islam site and link it up here if you think it of benefit.


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