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Fear by Charles Simic

Fear passes from man to man


As one leaf passes its shudder

To another.

All at once the whole tree is trembling.

And there is no sign of the wind

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7 thoughts on “Fear by Charles Simic

  1. Axel detrite on said:

    @jimmy phaysamone
    The wind is a metaphor for the source of the fear


  2. marty on said:

    This poem is retarded kthanks bye


  3. I think the wind stands for the thing we all fear but in reality, there is nothing to fear. It makes me think of death. A scary thing in itself but for most, so far off that it’s a waste of time to fear it presently. Also, if life is this grand adventure, why shouldn’t death be but the next adventure? I dunno, just a thought.


  4. @jimmy
    The wind is anything that we might actually need to be afraid of.


  5. jimmy phaysamone on said:

    what does the Wind stand for ?


  6. lizi on said:

    This poem is simple and to the heart of fear. How fear can take over and spread without warning.


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