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Archive for the day “August 20, 2007”

Sheikh Mishary Rashid El Afasy Recites Surah Al Qasas 22-35

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Sheikh Saad Ghamdi Recites Surah Ar Rahman

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Qari Sadaqat Ali Recites Surah Saffat in Pakistan in 1993

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Qari Sadaqat Ali Recites Surah Asr

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Qari Sadaqat Ali Recites Surah As Shams

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Qari Sadaqat Ali Recites Surah Muzzammil

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Qari Sadaqat Ali Recites Surah Fajr

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Sheikh Karim Mansouri Recites the Quran Parts 5-6

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Islamic Anasheed: Raihan Sings You Bring the Light

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Islamic Anasheed: Shaam Sings Makki Madani

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