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Qari Abdul Basit and Qari Tablawi Recite Surah Rahman

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Br. Suleyman shares his interesting story of his path to Islam and how the Quran made him a better person.

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13 thoughts on “Qari Abdul Basit and Qari Tablawi Recite Surah Rahman

  1. Nazakat on said:

    Download Surah Rehman from here. Follow instructions for Shifa.


  2. zafar iqbal on said:

    Sir, Surah-e-Rehman is the success for the muslim umah. May Allah almighty reward you and give you more chance to provide the whole world this kind of islamic media. jazak Allah


  3. how can i download this sura


  4. Faizan on said:

    Suahan ALLAH


  5. farooq on said:

    how we can listn dis in ramzan,,we cant drink water 3 tyms each aftr recitation?


  6. Jahanzeib on said:

    Surah rehman is shifa for every disease. just listen in early morning then u see the results ur self… cancer patients are recovered by listening surah rehman……


  7. Habib Ullah on said:

    Respected Sir

    I need the audio mp3 file of full Surah Rehman recited by Qari Abd ul Basit In this way.
    Plz reply the file or link to me on my email address


  8. umer on said:

    asalamoalikum wr wb
    sir can u send me full version of sura rehman in qari abdul basit voice i need it b/c somebody told me to listen in twice a day.


  9. Asfand yar on said:

    its greatest all the time…Qari Basit


  10. abdul raheem on said:

    plz send me the recitation of sura e rehman by qari abdul
    samad ahmad on my email accound
    this would b a matter of thankfulness and pleasure for me


  11. Imran Fiaz on said:

    Respected Sir,

    I am imran from Pakistan and i am a patient of liver cronic diasease named as BUDD CHIARI and somebody told me that i should listen sura rehman 7 days regular and 3 times in a day. please send me full version of this sura by email or any possible way…

    i shall be very thankful to you


    Imran Fiaz


  12. Muhammad Idrees Khan on said:

    Respected Sir,

    With due respect it is stated that I want Surrah Rehman to download only in Qari Abdul Basith voice. Can you send me I should be very thankful to you. Please.

    May Allah Reward You.

    I heard from a good person that it is better for health treatment kindly send me in any possible way.

    I am from Pakistan.

    Again may Allah (SWT) Reward you.

    You’r sincerely,

    M. Idrees Khan.


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