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Islamic Quotations for Thought: this this, my body, served as my garment, I wore it for a while..

Say to my brethren when they see me dead and weep for me, lamenting me in sadness: “Think ye I am this corpse ye are to bury? I swear by God, this dead one is not I. When I had formal shape, this this, my body, served as my garment, I wore it for a while.” – Al-Ghazali

Ameen Pouya Recites Surah Muzzammil at Quranic Competition (Beautiful Recitation)

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Sheikh Hamza Yusuf Lesson: Be Good People

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Sheikh Ghalwash Recites Surah Baqara & Balad

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Qari Mitwalli Recites Surah Araf

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Qari Tablawi Recites Surah Nisa

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Hadith: Allah shows compassion…

Allah’s Messenger said, “Allah shows compassion only to those among His slaves who are compassionate.” (Al-Bukhâri and Muslim)

Qari Abdal Basit Recites Surah As-Shams

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Shaping Islam in America: 10 Young Muslim Visionaries Part 3 Zarqa Nawaz – The Director

From Islamica Magazine

By Hanane Korchi

Her recent work was described as “Saskatchislamic,” her production company is “FUNdamentalist,” and the Canadian TV ratings certify the success of her sitcom as groundbreaking—perhaps even amusingly miraculous—and definitely unprecedented. Canadian trailblazer Zarqa Nawaz has caught attention and praise (as well as her fair share of criticism) with her film work and new television series, “Little Mosque on the Prairie.”

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Sheikh Hamza Yusuf: Why I Came to Islam

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