Islamic Art: God (Allah) in Arabic Calligraphy by Fahdi

Art by Fahdi (Samir Malik)


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34 responses to “Islamic Art: God (Allah) in Arabic Calligraphy by Fahdi

  1. السلام عليكم اخنا الكرام سبحان الله عجبت ان تحسن على خطكم لله تعالى

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  3. AFFU


  4. Salaam, great job, masha´allah !!

    Fresh style, i like that someone took it to the next level, really, the original way !!!



  5. Hanan

    I love your art, it’s so pure and true. In fact I wouldn’t even be able to explain my admiration for your work. It’s lyrical and at the same time very determined. My wordchoice doesn’t really make sense in this context… Anyway, your work has spoken to me so much, that I could probably write an essay about it and still need more words to express my opinion.


  6. Mohammed


    Simply brilliant!

  7. Basit

    Mashallah, very beautiful, simple yet profound .. love it!

  8. sajjad ahmad

    great name so wonderful composition beautyful nice work

  9. Anita

    This is AMAZING!!! I am a volunteer at Islamic Sunday School in NC, currently working on designing a logo. I would love to use your work. Are the images free to use or i need to pay? Please let me know.

  10. Matthew

    My goodness, I must tell you I am speechless, your work is absolutely superb, I’ve always had a great fondness for this sort of flowing script that artists of the Arabias are so adept at. Truly amazing and inspiring, it is rich and vibrant wrapped up in subtlty, contained within genuine brilliance.

    From a Welshman.

  11. Tahir

    MashAllah…that’s awesome. I love your work. Do you think it will be alright if i take a print out of this image and frame it for my personla use? Or could i offer hadya and get it from you? Thanks and keep up the excellent work.

  12. shoair

    so beautiful sure

  13. crunch008

    so simple…yet so amazing…

  14. amazing keep up the good work

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  16. salman.haider.zaidi

    nice and very beautyfull work.
    wish u all the best

  17. Niaz

    It’s a simple & beautifule nice creation. Colors is also too good.

  18. G Dav

    Its is beautiful and has inspired my new logo. keep up the good work insha allah. Insah allah i will share my logo with you as well
    Take care
    As sallamu alaikum

  19. Tasneem

    oh woow that’s beautiful ! How did u achieve the colours there in one stroke? Hats off to you^^

  20. compaq

    Journey to Allah
    Allahu Akbar

  21. wael77

    Lovely, very nice work. Is it for sale?

  22. Subhan’allah…..simply beautiful..

  23. khumaisa

    Subhan’allah….simply beautiful

  24. Nour

    I like what i see. Even thought it’s so little and their isn’t much in the pic but i love the colores it really gets me thinking.. keep the good work up

  25. beesh

    its Simple and Beautiful….
    im also trying to copy it if u dont mind,….
    its simply superb

  26. Hassan Masud

    This is really very pretty. i love the strokes. looks like oil on canvas!
    Awsome creativity!!

    Love this Great Word tooo!!

  27. Aneesa

    Mashallah, very beautiful, simple yet profound .. love it!

  28. yasmin

    it looks wonderful and the colours that you used are perfect , overall thats a peiece of Art

  29. Kate

    MashAllah beautiful…..

  30. hanin

    so wonderful,,, so simple,,,,,,,,,, it touched me i wish u do more and more and make available wide scale….. do travel exhibitions …… i really wish that.

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