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Eight Principles of Gratitude: Imam al Fayruzabadi & Ibn al Qayyim

From Sheikh Suhaib Webb’s blog

Imam al-Fayruzabadi [may Allah have mercy upon him] said,

“Gratitude [to Allah] is built on five principles:

  1. Complete surrender [to Him]
  2. Sincere and deep Love [for Him]
  3. Recognition of His bounties
  4. Lauding Him because of them
  5. Not using His bounties towards His disobedience

When one of these conditions is lost, then one of the principles of gratitude is gone.”

Ibn al-Qayyim [may Allah have mercy upon him] said,

“Thankfulness is the appearance of Allah’s blessing upon:

  1. The lips of His servant by lauding Him and recognition [of His bounties]
  2. Upon the servants heart by bearing witness [to Allah’s awesomeness] and a sincere affection for Him
  3. Upon the limbs through submission and obedience ”

Allah says, “If you give thanks to Me, I will increase you.”

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