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Fundamentals of Tasawwuf by Imam an-Nawawi Part 4

From AhlusSunna

One reaches Allah Most High by ten:

1. Repenting from all things unlawful or offensive;
2. Seeking Sacred Knowledge in the amount needed;
3. Continuously keeping on ritual purity;
4. Performing the prescribed prayers [fard] at the first of their times in a group prayer (and praying the confirmed sunnas [sunna mu’akkada] associated with them);
5. Always performing eight rak’as of the nonobligatory midmorning prayer (al-duha), the six rak’as between the sunset (maghrib) and nightfall (’isha) prayers, the night vigil prayer (tahajjud) after having risen from sleeping, and the witr prayer;
6. Fasting Mondays and Thursdays;
7. Reciting the Koran with presence of heart and reflecting on its meanings;
8. Asking much for Allah’s forgiveness (istighfar);
9. Always invoking the Blessings on the Prophet (Allah bless him and give him peace); and
10. Persevering in the dhikrs that are sunna in the morning and evening.

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