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Sheikh Hamza Yusuf at ISNA 2007: Upholding Faith, Serving Humanity

Mashallah! This is Sheikh Hamza Yusuf’s best speech ever! Listen to this speech – he speaks on relevant issues today that concern Muslims and non-Muslims alike. He is speaking to the entire world. No leader in America today is speaking like he is, whether Muslim or non-Muslim about issues that are going to affect our future. As Sheikh Hamza Yusuf eloquently says humanity needs to come together to solve the world’s problems – racism, economic injustice, wars, torture, and the degradation of women. These society ills are hurting us and we need to start healing the wounds. We are all one human race and we need to help each other.

We need more in our Muslim community to follow in the footsteps of Sheikh Hamza Yusuf, especially us youth, because it is us who will be most affected by what we do today for tomorrow’s future. May Allah bless Sheikh Hamza Yusuf, and grant him help in his blessed work, and grant us more like him.

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