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New Muslim Family Readies for Ramadan

From Hernando Today

Hernando Today correspondent
Published: Sep 7, 2007

Marwa McElmurry is a young Egyptian woman who recently married an Irish-American, a former Baptist from South Carolina. Continents and worlds apart, they met two years ago, courting in cyberspace over the Internet.

He flew to Alexandria, Egypt to marry her.

Six months later, she flew to America to live in Spring Hill.

Marwa and her family are Muslims. As of 1996, so is her husband, Lance. They just had their first child, Adam, born only 10 weeks ago.

Marwa’s mother is visiting from Egypt, and is meeting Marwa’s American in-laws.

The family is preparing for Ramadan, the annual month-long Islamic holy season that begins this year at sundown Wednesday, Sept. 12. Fasting is observed from sunrise to sunset each day.

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Sheikh Zaid Shakir Speaks at ISNA 2007

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Inspirational speech, and something Muslims don’t often hear: making sure to fulfill the rights of others before ourselves. Muslims are always shouting about getting their rights, but they never work to achieve the just right of others. This is the selfless behavior of our Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) and may we emulate him.

More Americans Converting to Islam: Young People Find Stereotypes a Challenge

From delawareonline

Posted Sunday, September 9, 2007

Drew Marshall could have been any of the dozen or so university students studying and sipping coffee at a Newark cafe.

About 6 feet tall, with a close beard and a light blue shirt, not much about him stands out.

Until he offers an Arabic greeting.

Marshall, or Ahmad, as the 23-year-old white American from Hockessin now calls himself, converted to Islam two years ago.

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Keeping Your Ramadan Goals HIGH!

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Sheikh Tablawi Recites Surah Al Imran in Studio Part 1

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Qari Abdul Basit Recites Surah Baqarah with Bio

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