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Notes from Sheikh Nuh Ha Mim Keller’s Suhba Part 2

From Al Miftah

Western “Apologetic Islam”

On the 17th of August a question was asked

“How should we treat non Muslims who are hostile or just ignorant and don’t treat us as they should, should we be confrontational and demand our rights etc”

The Shaykh responded, “No, demand Allah’s rights only.”, stating that we should not be demanding our own rights and whenever we could sacrifice our own prestige we should not hesitate to do so, but whenever something was for Allah swt we should stand up for it, as the Shaykh said
“this is the way”.

The Shaykh continued:
“Don’t compromise your deen, because of them (the non Muslims). Don’t do anything because of them and don’t. refrain from anything because of them, but just speak your truth”

He told the listeners to get over the idea that Islam needs people (in the form of new adherents) and so, Islam should be modified to be made more palatable for the non Muslims, he said

“Get over the idea that the truth needs people, So we have to water it down enough so everybody can accept it. Yeah .. Islam is really just flower power. Islam is really just a new health cereal like granola Islam is anything you want.”

The Shaykh said that whoever hears this from among the non Muslims will be disgusted with the Muslims and with Islam, rather Muslims should say:
“No, Islam is the haq. Islam is the truth, and this is the way it is. Like it. Don’t like it. Here it is.“

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Sheikh Mishary Rashid Al Efasy Recites Surah At-Tin

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