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At What Price, Safety? By Cindy Sheehan

From Dandelion Salad

By Cindy Sheehan

Sept. 19, 2007

I am consistently amazed at things that right-wing nut jobs throw at me to justify their support of an unjustifiable war. Seriously, when you watch Generals, Ambassadors, Senators and Congress Reps and pundits who still cheerlead for a miserable, failed and murderous policy you can almost see the skepticism in their eyes, too. They know they are lying for their masters now, if they, like George and Dick didn’t always know they were lying.

However, a measly segment of our population are still so willingly ill-informed and ignorant of the facts are grasping for straws.

At the recent “Support for our Troops” rally that was held by the Republican backed and funded Move America Forward and Gathering of Eagles (who I like to call the “Smattering of Pigeons”) groups last Saturday where they had 1/100th of the numbers of the true “Support the Troops” (and the people of Iraq) rally and march that was sponsored by the ANSWER Coalition, we pro-peace people were even called “Communists” several times. I have asked people what they mean when they call me that so-last century epithet and they say: “Yeah, you hate America.” Well, for all of those who have eyes but refuse to see, and ears but refuse to hear, this is what Communist means:

Someone who supports communism which is a theory or system of social organization based on the holding of all property in common, actual ownership being ascribed to the community as a whole or to the state.

I don’t see how wanting peace and wanting our government to finally quit lying to us and stop killing people to further their hegemonic goals of bringing corporate America to every corner of the globe makes us Communists; maybe Humanists, patriots or great Americans, but Communists, no. Some people in America do belong to the Communist party, which is not against the law, and it is also not against the law to be a Muslim, yet.

One of the more morally reprehensible notes from the supporters of death I receive is the one that goes something like this: “I am for peace, too, but not at the expense of my family.” These people are saying that it is okay to ruin my family and thousands of other families in the US who have been torn apart like the bodies of our loved ones to keep other families “safe.” I have news for these people, as bad as the sacrifices have been for some families in America, the people of Iraq have suffered far more for the deceptions and greed of BushCo. Think about this: America killed over a million Iraqis between Gulf I and this current occupation, and that did not keep my family safe, or the families of the people killed in 9-11. How can one sleep at night thinking that her family is safe when so many people are devastated by the policies that she thinks is keeping her family safe? Never mind the National Intelligence Estimates that have rightly showed that our transgressions in Iraq and such inhumane prison camps as Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib are increasing Islamic extremism.

What makes Mrs. Safety think that the Iraqi babies are less precious than her babies? Does the geographic accident of her baby’s births give them more right to be safe than the Iraqi babies? Maybe Mrs. Safety thinks that her babies deserve more protection because they are white and Christian? Or just maybe because they are hers?

I spent 24 years of my children’s lives thinking that I was doing everything I could to protect them. I guarded the boundaries of my family like a Doberman. I didn’t let anything bad in those boundaries to hurt my children until 2000 when an Army recruiter broke through my defenses to lie like a son of a bitch to my son who would ultimately be killed so Mrs. Safety’s babies could have the illusion and delusion of safety. Casey and my family paid a dear price for my thinking that my babies and my boundaries are the only ones that were precious and worth protecting. It will only be when we realize that all human life if precious and worthy of protection and know that all of the world’s children belong to all of us that war will stop being used as a tool in Satan’s tool-box of greed and destruction.

Many Muslims and American soldiers have told me that I may have lost a son, but I have gained millions of sons and daughters in my work for global peace and understanding.

They are all our sons and daughters as Casey was your son.

We have to stop giving our leaders free-passes to kill our children, anywhere and everywhere.

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4 thoughts on “At What Price, Safety? By Cindy Sheehan

  1. Saeed Tiwana on said:

    During WWII the city of Warsaw (poland) rebelled . It was a military match between a whole city & the best of the German warmachine. No civilians had ever taken up armed resistance before Hitlerite armies. So Hitler ordered each and every building decimated at close artillery range. No building was left standing. The Americans and British allowed it to happen because it took off their military load elsewhere. The city cried for munition and food. It did not reach. The Hitlerite troops made jokes about civilians being killed under debris.
    Finally the Russians came,the Germans raised their hands without offering ANY resistance.
    Motto. Cruelty makes an army TIMID. Food For Thought. If tomorrow some 150 Russian Coalition divisions come, the American army is simply going to raise hands, marines or no marines. So listen to Cindy and avoid high-handedness and vengeance.


  2. Saeed Tiwana on said:

    The evil that we do and suffer from is chosen by us and not by God ( Holy Quran)

    “Destroy thou them, O God. Let them fall by their own councils;cast them out in the multitude of their transgressions;for they have rebelled against God.” – Psalms 5-10

    Cindy, your son got killed .He was an honourable soldier who answered his call of duty.May he rest in peace. It is priceless honour to be a soldier.
    But those who sent him to his death are answerable. If Iraq grew oranges, your son would not have died in Iraq. If Cuba had oil, your son would have died in Cuba.
    The oilman has collected the gushing hundreds of oil wells, secretly stored and sold at HUGEEEEE
    profits. Did he care that his own country would foot the bill for his personal grandeur and profit? No. That is sinful. Did he care how many innocent Iraqis would be killed? No. That is sinful. Who put him on to this? Not Collin Powell.
    GeorgeWashington addressed the Congress while saying farewell. He warned against America having favourite nations.Why? Because those rascal favourite nations can easily embroil UNCLE SAM in their wars. Kuwait was pumping obliquely oil from Iraqi territory. That started the Gulf wars.
    See Iraqi oil has been offered as a bribe to topple Kuwait’s enemy – Saddam Hussain.
    Saddam was a friend of America. TWO PROOFS:
    1. He stopped the Iran’s Khomeni in his tracks.
    2.He never wanted a WMD, nor had one.
    But he was paying money to others to grow his personal influence.
    History does not forgive. The so-called EXPEDITIONARY SCIENCE , which Napoleon Bonaparte started has collected lot of wisdom by now.
    Saddam Hussain could be sorted out with only 10 dollars.I bet anyone to prove me wrong. Even today the Iraqi mess can be sorted out inside 30 days. I bet my life or his on that.
    They do not want peace. So they are falling before your very eyes because of their immoral councils and transgressions.
    Bible’s words are coming true.
    You are a wise & brave mother of a brave American soldier. I salute you,little one ( David vs. Goliath)


  3. And thanks for posting it dandelionsalad! Best to you.


  4. Thanks for reposting. Cheers.


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