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Islamic Quotations: O Allah, I shelter behind you…

O Allah, I shelter behind you from all deeds that will displease you. O Allah, I ask for the most essential, the most clean, and the honor You bestow. O Allah, do not make me so busy that I fall into the forgetfulness of those who forget You. May I be worthy of Your approval. O Allah, make me a servant remembered only for loving You, hoping for nothing from his worship! O Allah, fill my heart with joy from You, purify my tongue with Your Names, let my limbs labor on tasks You will find good and of which You will approve. O Allah, eliminate all traces, memories, recollections, and feelings that are not of You!
Junayd al-Bagdadi

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2 thoughts on “Islamic Quotations: O Allah, I shelter behind you…

  1. Masha Allah…..!!!!! aap ki ye ek ek shabd hamare dil ko chuliyaaa…. dua me yaad rakhenge aapko…. KHUDA ki rehem aap pe bani rahe…. Dua me yaad rakhna…



  2. Assalamu Aliekum wr wb,

    I just want to say “”Masha Allah”” at postings.

    And “”Jazaka Allah”” to your efforts.

    Khurram Jamal


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