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Islamic Quotations: Who is a hypocrite?

Who is a hypocrite? Those who talk of Islam but does not labor.
Huzaifa (ra)

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2 thoughts on “Islamic Quotations: Who is a hypocrite?

  1. samiullah on said:

    may ALLAH give us the dead at righteousness{hatima bil eman]
    hypocrites will be the fuel of jahanam
    may ALLAH TA’ALA forgive us and strenthen our believes


  2. How true. We are all hypocrites in the end, for which of us truly surrenders to Allah with heart and soul.
    May Allah forgive us, for He is the most Merciful! And may we strive to labor each day more than the last to rid ourselves of our nafs and be of true service to Allah by being of service to His creation with love and kindness.

    Ya Haqq!


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