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Through Love She Found Her Way to Islam: Fatima’s Ultimate Journey

From Reading Islam

By Mahmood Sanglay

Writer and researcher

Fatima Mali is a domestic worker from the squatter camp of Crossroads located on the outskirts of Cape Town (South Africa), who embraced Islam in 2005. Born in 1955 in the Transkei, she came to Cape Town in 1991 in search of work.

Sixteen years later Fatima is one of ten recipients of the Gifted Hajj program, that presents at least ten deserving Muslims with the opportunity of fulfilling the requirements of the fifth pillar of Islam, the pilgrimage to the cities of Makkah and Madinah. Fatima departed for Saudi Arabia on November 12.

This is Fatima’s ultimate journey. Not because it is the first time she will set foot outside her country. Not because it is the first time she will set foot on an aircraft. Not even because the hajj is the ultimate journey for every Muslim.

Fatima’s Hajj is the ultimate journey because her journey begins before she receives the good news of the Gifted Hajj. Her journey begins with the first steps she takes towards consciously embracing the life of a Muslim.

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