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Iran’s Amin Pouya Recites Surah Muzzamil Parts 1 – 3

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Sr. Elena shares her beautiful and simple story of finding Islam through the Quran.

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15 thoughts on “Iran’s Amin Pouya Recites Surah Muzzamil Parts 1 – 3

  1. ibrahim on said:

    Mashallah what a beautiful heavinly voice….best recitor in the world,so touching,can i get full quran recitation???


  2. Inshaallah Allah bless you to the highest degree.
    You make us iranian proud .


  3. Dr Cornelius Vanderbelt on said:

    I was trained as a singer. I am a Non Believer. Quran is to be recited & listened. The Qaari is blessed. Pouya has a great voice & his diaphragm is unmatched. His breathing is perfect. What more can one say?
    May his Allah bless him with long life for him to continue the Recitation of the Quraan?


  4. Anwaar Ahmad Khan, Lahore, Pakistan on said:

    Great blessing of ALLAH the Great to us by providing such a heart trembling voice and skill for delivering the qiraat of Holy Quraan to Qari Amin Poya. May ALLAH bless him more for recitation of hole Quraan.


  5. jabbar on said:

    subhana allah


  6. subhaan- Allah. I’m Hafiz even I cant recite like him. I can never get tired by listening to his voice


  7. Masha-Allah , Barek Allahu – Only go so very well, God Bless you. O Allah guide us Muslims to be accepted only to you O Allah. My Lord helps all Muslims in Palestine and other countries where war becomes unjust. Islamic Republic of Kosovo… Albania… turkey…Bosna Hercegovina…


  8. Nasser on said:

    Allah (st) bless you and your family and in particular your teacher. Inshallah maintain your voice for ever. Please recite the whole Quran and let us have the DVD’s. Nasser from California, USA God protect you always.


  9. hassanullah on said:

    mashh allah


  10. Naseer khan yousafzai on said:

    i m totaly speechless to hear thats great voice…. may Allah bless u. can i get full quran recitation…????must recite surah Rehman..
    naseer khan .abbottabad .pakistan


  11. I am not a muslim and dont believe in that religion. May Jesus bless him. Im being honest but He has a great voice which I ever heard from a muslim man…


    • well thats great to know that u are being attracted by the voice of this great reciter ,,,its a step towards ALLAH who acutally created every thing that exist In this whole universe , me , you and every thing else every thing….so if u are not a muslim then let me tell u the biggest disadvantage of not being a muslim or die as a muslim and that is that if u dont accpet ALLAH as one and the only creater then i m afriad there are two places one wud possibly go to, after this life and i think u shud know them and those are heaven and hell.. so now the one who accepts ALLAH as the only creator and spends his life according to his HIM then he wud certainly be going to heaven INSHALLAH and the one who does not accepts ALLAH as one and does the shirk ( calling someone else as GOD) then he wud never be able to get rid of the hell ever … the choice is urs cause u know one day u wud certainly die just like every one else does……..on the judgement day ALLH Wud ask u didnt i tell u in the world to accept me as ur only creater which infact is a truth and soon every one wud know it INSHAALLAH …then imagine what wud ur answer possibly be, cause i m sure every one in this world , even muslim or any other is given a chance to accept the truth and that is ALLAH is the only one who created every thing , the seven skies , earths and every thing in this universe…so its time for u to find the truth……atleast desire for it and ALLAH wud INSHALLAH guide u,,,,and save u from the hell…..


      • marc yahgi on said:

        Dears brothers and sisters, we must not forget the important messages in the koran and in particular, where we must not judge others who do not share our beliefs- we must help them and encourage them to seek truth for themselves with respect to them drawing ttttttttheir own conclusions to where they end up in the after life! peace to everyone inshallh!


  12. Nazeer on said:

    Can I get recitation of Qari Amin Pouya of full Qura’an


  13. mohamedshirelle on said:

    hi i really love his voice, i think ,he get the best voice ever and , i hope. more people will like his voice. and i will ask Allaho for him forgivens


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