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SunniPath Answers: Hijab and Unemployed: May I Put it Off Then?

Answered by Wajihah Gregor


Salam alaikum,

I’m a graduate student. I live in Canada and I wear hijab. I have been looking for a job or 4 months.I don’t think that hijab was the only reason why I couldn’t get a job but it is for sure a negative point in the process. My family can no longer support me financially. Can I put it off in the interview? Because once hired, the law doesn’t allow the employer to fire someone because of religious reasons. While he doesn’t even have to give any reason why he doesn’t hire a person.
jazakum Allah khiran


In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful 

In the Name of Allah, the Benficent, the Merciful

With prayers and salutations upon the best of creation, our Master Muhammad, Allah bless him and give him peace.

Dear Sister,

I pray that this message reaches you in the best of health, happiness, and well being.

Allah Almighty said, “Whoever fears Allah, He will prepare for him a way out and provide for him from whence he least expects it. And whoever places his trust in Allah, Allah is sufficient for him.” [ Srah al-Talq : 2-3]

In light of this ayah, note that it is superior for you to take a job that requires fewer credentials and less pay while you search for a suitable position more in line with your field and salary bracket, rather than remove your hijab for the interview process.

Government jobs are one option to explore, as they do have anti-discrimination laws and tend to me more open to different ethnic and religious groups than private companies.

Consider the long term. A company that discriminates against you for the hijab is also likely present a problem when it comes to permission to observe the prayer times.

It is better for you to be honest about who you are, just as you would hope they would be straightforward about their intentions when hiring you.

There are many other considerations to this issue you can realize through personal reflection and understanding. However, the upshot is that it would not be permissible to remove the hijab in this case.

And Allah Knows Best.


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