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Emails from Scheherazad by Mohja Kahf

Hi, babe. It’s Scheherazad. I’m back

For the millennium and living in Hackensack,

New Jersey. I tell stories for a living.

You ask if there is a living in that.


You must remember: Where I come from,

Words are to die for. I saved the virgins

From beheading by the king, who was killing

Them to still the beast of doubt in him.


I told a story. He began to listen and I found

That story led to story. Powers unleashed, I wound

The thread around the pirn of night. A thousand days

Later, we got divorced. He’d settled down

& wanted a wife & not so much an artist.

I wanted publication. It was hardest,

Strangely, on my sister, Dunyazad. She

Was the one who nightly used to start it.


She and my ex do workshops now in schools

On art & conflict resolution. Narrative rules!

I teach creative writing at Montclair State,

And I’m on my seventh novel and book tour.


Shahrayar and I share custody of our little girl.

We split up amicably. I taught him to heal

His violent streak through stories, after all,

And he helped me uncover my true call.



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