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From the Dervish Way #10

I haven’t come here to settle down.

I’ve come here to depart.

I am a merchant with lots of goods,

selling to whoever will buy.

I didn’t come to create any problems,

I’m only here to love.

A Heart makes a good home for the Friend.

I’ve come to build some hearts.

I’m a little drunk from this Friendship-

Any lover would know the shape I’m in.

I’ve come to exchange my twoness,

to disappear in One.

He is my teacher. I am His servant.

I am a nightingale in His garden.

I’ve come to the Teacher’s garden

to be happy and die singing.

They say “Souls which know each other here,

know each other there.”

I’ve come to know a Teacher

and to show myself as I am.



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