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From the Dervish Way #7

The mature ones are a sea.

A lover is needed to take the plunge,

a diver to bring up a pearl.

When you have brought

the pearl to the surface,

a jeweler is needed to know its worth.

Stay on the road until you arrive.

Be speechless. Don’t become a salesman.

Find an Ali to follow.

Muhammad knew Truth in himself.

Truth is present everywhere.

You only need eyes to see it.

Ask you daily sustenance from Truth,

the only Apportioner. Find someone

who is master of his ego.

The lovers asked me to sing.

Someone without greed is needed

to complete what is started.

Sufi, who are you kidding?

Can anyone but Truth

satisfy a human need?

Truth’s place is in the heart.

There’s a verse in the Quran-In the soul

love has a tower higher than the throne of Creation.

I’ve gone crazy on this Way.

I can’t tell day from night.

The arrow of Love has pierced my heart.

Come, poor Yunus, come,

hold the hands of the mature.

In their humility is a cure.


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