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Incident in a Rose Garden by Donald Justice

Gardener: Sir, I encountered Death

Just now among our roses

Thin as a scythe he stood there.


I knew him by his pictures

He had on his black coat

Black gloves, and broad black hat.


I think he would have spoken,

Seeing his mouth stood open.

Big it was, with white teeth.


As soon as he beckoned, I ran.

I ran untill I found you.

Sir, I’m quitting my job.


I want to see my sons

Once more before I die.

I want to see California.


Master: Sir, you must be that stranger

Who threatened my gardener.

This is my property, sir.


Death: Sir, I knew your father.

And we were friends at the end.


As for your gardener,

I did not threaten him.

Old men mistake my gestures.


I only meant to ask him

To show me to his master.

I take it you are he?





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