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A Terrorist Family and Song for the Music in the Gaza Ghetto

A Terrorist Family
Maryam Chahine

“It is probably incorrect to say that all Muslims are terrorists but I believe that all terrorists are Muslims.”

Yes, we stand as accused
In our fourth floor apartment
Weapons are being fused
Our arsenal: knives, forks, spoons, in the kitchen department

We are gathering forces
Dad, sisters, and mom
Poring over death from American media courses
Oh, and our general for ground war is our cat Tom

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Song for the Music in the Gaza Ghetto: Variations of Osherow

Maryam Chahine

Pity the eyes that are told not to cry.
Pity the voices that are told to be silent.
Pity the child whom the world sanctions to die.
Pity the survivors who turn to violence.

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