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Islam is the Fastest Growing Religion in England

Muslim Converts | I Was Searching For a Goal in Life

Are you attracted to Islam, but scared of taking the next step? You don’t choose much of your past, but you do choose your future. Self-development begins where your comfort zone ends. And there is no greater self-development than recognising the truth when it comes your way and becoming your best self. We hope that Hayat has inspired you to push forward in your journey, even if it’s just an inch.

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Assalaamu’alaykum brothers & sisters in Islam,

The world is full of borderline Muslims… people who believe in Islam, but who hold back because of concerns. The best help we can give them is to connect them with reverts that once stood in their shoes. If you come across any borderline Muslims, direct them to our channel as you could be the key to their guidance.

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JazaakumAllahu khayrun,

p.s. If you’re a revert, or if you know reverts, then help us record more interviews. Contact us via

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