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Animal Photography | Standoff With Cowboy Hat by Bret St. Clair

standoff with cowboy hat

World Photography | Morning in Cameron Highlands by FarizunAmrod

Morning in Cameron Highlands

The Meaning of Life | Spoken Word Poetry

Palestinian Photographer Captures the Eyes of the Children of Gaza

Fadi Thabet is a Palestinian school teacher in one of the schools of Gaza Strip in Palestine. He is also a freelance photographer.

“I was not expected to have such a collection of colorful eyes in Gaza. It is a joyful surprise!” What Fadi did was not photo sessions, he went out in walks in the streets of the city. The children reacted spontaneously seeing the camera and the result was that he caught some of the very special moments in the everyday life of those children.

In this collection children’s eyes are telling childhood stories, from Gaza under siege.

See more beautiful photography here.

gaza children


gaza children 2

gaza children 3

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