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9 Natural Ways To Quit Smoking | Jack The Lad

Jack The Lad

After smoking a cigarette, the nicotine circulates in the bloodstream and creates a kind of high. It takes about 6 – 8 hours to remove the nicotine from a single cigarette out of the body. Most of that nicotine gets eliminated through the urine. Most of the stored nicotine takes 48-72 hours to be metabolized and leave the body. The nicotine by-product cotinine can continue to circulate in the bloodstream for 20-30 days.

The best known substance for removing nicotine from the bloodstream is Vitamin C. It increases your metabolism and creates white blood cells. Eating fruits and vegetables can also help your body flush nicotine – they’re good for the health, they contain water and can make cigarettes taste less appealing.

And research has shown that eating more fruits and vegetables can help you stay tobacco-free for longer. The University of Buffalo published a study in…

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