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Ubuntu Muslim Edition: Testers welcome!

Our dear readers can rest easy, as rumors of our death have been greatly exaggerated. Smily In fact, Age of Jahiliyah is still alive and kicking, and now that we’ve got spring break – one lousy week glare – it’s time to annouce the biggest news in Ubuntu-land. That’s right, people, I’m talking about Ubuntu Muslim Edition, the one we’ve all been waiting for.

But not so fast; it’s still in alpha release and needs testers and developers to get it on it’s feet. So head over to the site, register and sign up to become a tester. It’s not hard at all; download the .iso and make sure you at least have an extra 10GBs on your hard drive to do a dual-boot. Otherwise, you can help with the artwork, translations, web design or development. Ideas are welcome, also. For more info, check out the forums.

Oh, and while you’re at it, make sure to vote on the logo and splash screen, (you’ll vote for no. 4, if you know what’s good for you). Smily

So get to it, everyone!

Is the Muslim Ummah in Need of Collective Repentance?

In the article below, The Lava Tracts, I was amazed how the people of Madinah all came together and appealed to Allah, and were thereby saved from imminent destruction. As we Muslims all know, we are living in a time of great fitnah (trials), brought on by our own hands.

Read more…

Ubuntu: 4 days with Edgy Eft

Those who have been keeping up with the latest tech news would inevitably have heard that Canonical has just released version 6.10 of Ubuntu, codenamed Edgy Eft. Being a Ubuntu lover, I’ve recently installed Edgy and decided it was time to share my experience with it.

But first things first: if you’re a current Dapper Drake user, (the previous version of Ubuntu), DO NOT UPGRADE!!! Edgy is NOT a stable release, (which is why it’s called Edgy!), therefore, Canonical advises everyone to back up their data and do clean install. Too many people have failed to heed this advice, much to their own peril. Don’t be one of them.
Take it from Mark Shutteworth, founder of Ubuntu:

Edgy is all about cutting edge, perhaps bleeding edge, brand new code and infrastructure. It will be the right time to bring in some seriously interesting but definitely edgy new technologies which lay the groundwork for the next wave of Ubuntu development…

…We will for the first time possibly have to say to new users “Edgy gets
security updates etc for 18 months but seriously consider Dapper if you
need the most polished platform”.

For those who just can’t listen to advice and still want to upgrade, read this article. Those who want to try out Edgy and don’t like troubleshooting, (or have tweaked their system to the max), do what I did: burn the ISO, back up your data and do a clean install. Everyone else, just wait for the next stable release, codenamed… *ahem* …Feisty Fawn. You can stop laughing now.

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Ramadan’s End

O Ramadan, O Ramadan

My heart pains to see you go;

through struggle and sacrifice

my spirit began to grow.

Even though this nafs of mine

causes me much grief;

It’s the spark I need

in order to break free.

I starved it, restrained it,

and chastened it

to the best of

my ability.

I ask the Merciful One

to subdue

this agitator

in me.

Like rays of the sun

bearing gifts of growth

to plants and creatures


Sparks of agitation from

the nafs is like food

to the spirit

if used right.

Just as too much sunlight

can burn and bring death

to once verdant


A nafs given free rein

will deaden the spirit

of anyone who gives it


So Ramadan is a gift

to the seekers aspiring

to swim into the depths of

Your Infinite Mercy.

We seek Pearls of Truth

and Gems of Light

from the Realm

of Your Generosity.

As we reach the end of Ramadan

I beseech Thee to grant my spirit

wings to continue my


Settling in Realms Lower than Sky: Last 10 Days of Ramadan by M. Shahin

Art (Allah, God in Arabic Calligraphy) by fahdi

This month is more than

the battles carving into

slackened vessels,

more than barren articulators

resisting behind restraining gates

It is not enough to

stretch blankets towards bereft


the pillars established

many grains ago

curtains fell from the heavens

and from it we emerge

and restrain

all year long – on guard –

and with gifts

we languish in the curtains

without unveiling

what is behind

towards Mercy

we hesitate

closing doors with food, words charities

settling in realms lower than sky

taking journeys to the known

instead of Unknown.

Atoms anchor to the source

why satisfy the temporary

when Eternity is on Throne

every prayer receiving entrance

hands reach into the sky

where words are impotent

so do not falter to the base

for gravity is exempt

Mercy is waiting only for one

plea, one hand meeting another

for there is more than

battles with the outer garment

we wear,

this is the curtain

we pray to unveil.

The Rememberer by Shaharazed

Open palms raised up, lips open

to magnify His Majesty;

A most beautiful Opening is sought,

with the Seven Gems.

Maintaining stillness of mind,

the heart rapturously lights

the avenues to the spirit by

engagement with the Divine.

A heavenly vacuum seals off all

distractions, otherwordly

tranquility descends upon the room

and enters the heart.

An Opening was sought, a gift

was bestowed, and words

can not deciper this moment.

From Shaharazed’s Blog Realm of Remembrance

Ramadan Pays a Visit by M. Shahin Part 3


Sami: A 19 year old Muslim college student

Mona: Sami’s Mother

Angel Ramadan: An angel

Mr. Lipton: Sami’s neighbor

Ibrahim: Sami’s classmate in college

Ali: a friend of Sami’s

Scene: Mt. Radcliffe college. Sami is studying in the library. Angel Ramadan is siting next to him at the table.

Part 3

Sami: (mumbling to himself while punching into the scientific calculator) All this math is going to kill me one of these days…(Just then a young man accompanied by a woman, deep in conversation walks past Sami and Angel Ramadan)

Sami: (shaking his head) Haram, haram… you would think Ibrahim would know better than to have a girlfriend, but I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. He cheated Ali out of 200 dollars. (Angel Ramadan remains silent)

Sami: I thought you’d have something to say about it. You are always getting on my case whenever I slip up.

Angel Ramadan: Math is a very important my brother. Make sure you study very hard. The prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) once said to do your best in everything that you do. Read more…

The Feathers of Your Being by M. Shahin

Marginal thoughts

barely make the deadline

for unwanted expectations.

It must be a full absorption

of a yielding self

to an Independent Power.

The search must be constant

an obsession of the soul

although that search will never


There is a pang of uncertainty

except at moments

when you alight upon

the unexpected and you only yearn

for whatever it is to

last to the eternity of the horizon.

A fragmentation occurs

on the border of your soul

and you weep because your

heart has become full.

You’ve just made it to

the scrim of the ocean

and you are awaiting the

tide to kidnap you from the illusions

and strangers of the world.

There is a tickling of light

in your wide eyes and is wiped

away by an even brighter light.

The feathers of your being

perch on the expanse

of longing and takes flight

by the light of a moon

and it feels as if you were

crawling in the depths of a resistance force

but you became each wave in the

same current and it overtook

the abberant strands that had

tied you in knots.

The Cure for the Blue Screen of Death: Ubuntu

The Amazing BSOD! Please hit the reset button.

It’s 2:40PM and you’re happily clicking away on Nancy Drew: Curse of Blackmoor Manor. Suddenly, the mouse freezes for five seconds and you’re greeted with the infamous stop error. Welcome to the Blue Screen of Death, courtesy Windows XP.

Annoyed, you reboot and log into XP again. But this time you decide to surf the net. An hour later, the mouse freezes again and the dreaded screen reappears. Apparently, something is wrong with the ati2dvag.dll file. ‘Easy fix’, you think. Just download the latest Ati drivers and voila! you’re up and running. For half a day at least, and then the blue screen makes a surprise attack. But this time there’s an error in the win32.dll file.

By now, you’re thinking it’s a virus or worm. Not so; after running the system through multiple virus and trojan scanners everything checks out. You do a system hack and replace the win32.dll file. But this time you’re getting an error regarding the svchost.exe and invalid referencing of the memory. You also may notice you’re sound has just went out. Time to restart Windows Audio. An hour later, you’re once again greeted with the BSOD.

Two unsuccessful days later, you do a complete repair and hope to God it solves the problem. Log into XP, do an ‘sfc /scannow’ to check the system and the Blue Screen is back in business. Five days later, you’re ready to throw the tower, complete with the monitor, out the third story window. Read more…

Ramadan Pays a Visit by M. Shahin Part 2


Sami: A 19 year old Muslim college student

Mona: Sami’s Mother

Angel Ramadan: An angel

Mr. Lipton: Sami’s neighbor

Scene: In the front of Sami’s house; Sami is washing his 1977 Pontiac Firebird

Part 2

Sami: Isn’t she beautiful? (rubbing the hood of the car)

Angel Ramadan: The only real beauty is God. (An old man on a cane exits the house next to Sami’s. He proceeds to the entrance of his fence, and stands staring at Sami)

Sami: (under his breath) Not that guy again. He doesn’t have anything better to do in his retirement than to patrol me and my family. What a geezer….(Angel clears his throat)

Sami: And besides look at the load of junk he drives, and the…. (Angel clears his throat) Need water?

Angel Ramadan: No…angels don’t drink. Read more…

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