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As-salamu alaykum!
This is a very personal video so please be respectful in your comments. Stories about how people converted really helped me through some of the dark times over the years. I had to hide such a huge part of myself – I learned in secret, prayed in secret and I wore the hijab in secret. I lived in constant fear of someone I know seeing me and telling my parents or my family finding the Qur’an and my other books about Islam in my room. It was exhausting to have all that stress and hearing converts speak about their stories made me feel less alone. Inshallah this video can do the same for other people out there who are in need of strength and just someone to tell them they are not alone. In addition, I mentioned in the video how I am a beauty guru and this channel was mainly all about beauty and makeup. I have very loving and supportive subscribers and I owe them an explanation as to why my channel has been re-named and why I look different. My appearance may have changed but I am still Sam!! Only now my appearance on outside reflects my true self on the inside!!! I don’t have to hide anymore!!!

My biggest advice to other converts/reverts out there who might be in a similar situation that I was in is to surround yourselves with people who truly care about you and support you. I was immensely blessed to have Tanzim and his family, Nouran, the Hammadeh Family and all my other friends to support me during such a stressful and challenging time in my life. I don’t know how I can ever repay these wonderful people back but I do know that I have the rest of my life to try and repay them for the unconditional love and support they blessed me with. Thank you

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