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Muslim Converts | It was important for me to have Jesus




Islamophobia is a newly coined word that is not recognized by Webster’s dictionary. As a Muslim we are privy to the magnificent all engulfing message of peace within and peace without from Allah Subhanawataala in His own words in the Quran. We have a beautiful live depiction of the Ikhlaaq of the Quran by our Prophet Muhammad pbuh.

Thus we know from the Quran and the life of our Prophet Muhammad pbuh that that everyone faces tribulations at some point in their life.

These may be:

  1. Inner tribulations (these will be dealt with in a separate article)
  2. Outer tribulations

A human beings response to either of the above will depend on his belief in Allah and a degree of the depth of his absorption of our faith within him or her via the Quran and Sunnah.


I will address the most common one nowadays in the whole wide…

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